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Membership Requirements

The Viet Nam VETS Legacy Vets MC is the Largest Military MC in the World and Is Growing

The Viet Nam Vets Legacy Vets MC is a growing motorcycle club with members in every State and many other countries.

Viet Nam Vets Legacy Vets Motorcycle Club Patch Logos
It Is about Brotherhood, Motorcycles and Much More!

Below are our membership requirements. If you want to know more about our membership requirements and possibly meetup with a VNVLV MC Brother to learn more use the contact form below.

Minimum Requirements for Us to Talk to You

  • Active duty or honorable discharged from the US Army, Navy, Air Force or Marine Corp
  • In possession of a DD 214 or active duty ID
  • Ride an American made motorcycle
  • Live in the State of Texas
  • We want to make contact with you if you want to learn more about joining our MC and have met the above minimum requirements.

Fill Out the Contact Information Below and We Will Get Back to You

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